Free Resources!

A new support directory, outlining sources of information and help for young parents and young parents-to-be has been created in partnership with Leicestershire's Young Parents Forum - click here to download a copy.

We've also created a new booklet together about Breastfeeding - click here for a copy.

dear me, letters to my pregnant self book the good, the bad, the unforgettable

Other Resources

We have created two amazing books, with the help of lots of wonderful people who became parents under the age of 20. Both books are powerful, moving and inspiring accounts of the realities of life as a young parent and we've produced them to provide reassurance, support & inspiration to young parents and young parents-to-be. If you're a young parent or young parent-to-be in Leicestershire and would like a copy of the book, please get in touch to let us know. If you're anyone else and would like to have a copy of the book, they are both available on Amazon in print or kindle formats - click on the image of each book cover to go to their listings on Amazon.

Meetings & Events


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