Moses Basket Madness!

To go with our Baby Box project, we've been thinking about ways of using the new mattress that's included in the box. There's such a temptation to spend lots of money on all new things but you can make something amazing with a bit of time and creativity. You can make something that no one else in the world will have -and they are ideas that won't break the bank! There must be thousands of Moses Baskets languishing in people's houses that would love to be reinvented and used for a brand new baby :)

So.... we've raided the charity shops locally and asked around for spare Moses Baskets and we've created some ideas to inspire you. The baskets that we've paid for have cost £5 or £10 with the stand included (BARGAIN!) and we've been lucky enough to get a free one too (watch this space for the next creation...). If you have a Moses Basket that you don't need any more and would like to donate it to us to be glammed up so that we can create some more ideas, please click here to let us know!

So... before we get to the baskets, some top tips for buying a second hand Moses Basket (we know they are quite obvious but it doesn't hurt to think about them):

  1. 1. Make sure it's not damp or mouldy, it may have been stored in an outside space
  2. 2. Clean your Moses Basket with anti-bacterial spray before you start working on it
  3. 3. Throw away the old mattress - the idea is to use a new one!
  4. 4. If there is a cloth cover inside it and you're not brave (or stupid) enough to attempt to make a new lining, wash it in the washing machine before using it
  5. 5. Check for any pokey out bits / holes / the sturdiness of the stand - you want your baby to be safe, not sleeping in a rickety unsafe spikey creation

And finally, because the safety of your new baby is paramount, here's some fab advice on safe sleeping for babies from the Lullaby Trust.

Idea Number 1: Pom Pom Love

pom pom love moses basket

We pom poms!

To be fair we loved them a little bit less after we'd spent several hours making them but that's worn off now and we love them again. Maybe next time we wouldn't make them all in one sitting ;)

This basket was a bargainous fiver from a charity shop. We checked it, cleaned it and then got ready with the pom poms! We used a pom pom maker (saved literally hours on the old-school cardboard ring method) that looks like this:

a pom pom maker

Pom pom makers are available all over the place in real life shops and also online. There are tutorials on youtube to learn how to use them, we're feeling a bit camera shy today but will post a tutorial at some point in the future :) Here's a link to the Clover youtube tutorial

Or you can make lots at once with some really basic equipment - check out this brilliant youtube tutorial - the lady is fab! There are loads of other tutorials too, including using forks to make pom poms - there's a whole pom pom world waiting to be discovered :)

We used 6 balls of wool, just normal double knitting that you can get from lots of shops, we paid £1.99 a ball for 100g but there was loads left over at the end.

We made 180 pom poms, but had a few left over...


our pom pom moses basket in progressThe next stage was tying the pom poms onto the basket...

We made sure each one was securely tied on and so that they weren't going to come adrift. Then we lined the basket with a removable cover that we can take off to wash if we need to. That involved quite a lot of time and a few swear words but only because it was the first attempt! There are some great online patterns and tutorials for making a lining for a moses basket.

Tadaa! The final finished product.

Total cost around £15 and some time.

There are so many variations and possibilities with this.

Check out this site for some amazing ideas for pom pom animals, flowers, letters and more....








Idea Number 2: 'On Safari'

This idea included a lot less 'making' but was just as much fun! And there are so many possibilities for you to put your own spin on it if you make one of your own...

'on safari' moses basket

This one is simple, so less instructions!

I used 41 animals (check for the CE mark), some strong nylon thread and a curved needle.

The £10 moses basket was already lined, so I removed the lining and washed it while I got on with sewing.

I sewed each individual animal in two or three different places onto the 'weave' of the basket. I sewed several times in each place before securing the ends safely, breaking the thread and starting again in a new place. The animals won't be going anywhere!

I sewed them all around the outside of the basket and a few onto the stand, put the cover back in and tadaa it was done!

'on safari' moses basket

This basket was slightly more expensive than the last one - a total cost of £51.

BUT it doesn't need to cost that much!

Think of how many stuffed toys are lying around wishing to be with their friends sewn around the outside of a Moses basket ;)

You could ask family and friends to donate any toys that are gathering dust, go car booting or to the charity shops. You can always put the toys in the washing machine for a quick spruce up before you start sewing.

And by using toys that hold happy memories you will be creating a beautiful haven for your new arrival.


OK, onto the next one now.... We'll add it on the site when we've done! If you have any ideas that you'd like to share, or even better, if you've done your own basket, we'd love to see it! Click here to email us or facebook us


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