What are we all about?

If you're an expectant young mum, dad, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle (now I could go on listing all the possible relatives but I think you probably get the drift...), if baby is already here, if you're a worker supporting someone who is a young mum or dad (to-be), if you're part of someone's urban family or if you're just curious about what we're doing, please feel welcome to have a good look around!

We recognise that no young parent is the same as another. Each young parent is an individual in their own right. We also know once you find out that you are pregnant or become a young parent how much there is to take in! The most important thing for you to know is, you are not alone!

You can use this site to learn more about projects, opportunities and support available to you. Some of the information will be relevant to you no matter where you live and some of it is aimed at young parents (to-be) in Leicestershire, as that's where we are based.

The work done to support young mums and dads and pregnant teenagers Leicestershire is carried out through the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership. It uses a partnership approach, which brings together different agencies to work together, to make sure that young people get the best support that they can. To find out more about the partnership, click here to visit the website.