New Timetable for North West Leicestershire Children's Centres

We're delighted to share, hot off the press, the new timetable for activities at North West Leicestershire's Children's Centres - click here to download a copy of the timetable

What about Dads?

We thought we'd look at some of the support that's out there for dads.

The Young Dads Collective ran a campaign #52DaysofDad to raise awareness of young dads, aged 25 and under, who are among the most isolated and economically deprived parenting groups in the UK. They have links to other blogs on their page and are a fantastic project to support young dads and raise awareness of their needs.

Have you heard about the Dad's Network? It's a great blog about fatherhood, started by a UK blogger - it's currently number 4 in the Tots100 UK Parent Blogging Community rankings.

The NSPCC have created some tips for professionals working with dads - click here to see them

And of course please check out Becoming Dad - supporting Young Dads in Leicestershire.

We think this book is brilliant!

Speed Bump

We've just finished reading 'The Speed Bump - What To Expect When You're (Unexpectedly) Expecting' and we think it's fab!

Written by Maddy about her experience of pregnancy whilst at University, it's not only a fantastic tale of the journey through pregnancy and birth but also it's packed with loads of helpful explanations of the medical terminology that can feel a bit overwhelming when you're expecting (unexpectedly or not!).

One of the brilliant things about reading stories from other young parents is the happy realisation that the things you are feeling are normal! Maddy tells her story in such a lovely, honest and open way that you feel immediately at ease and we give it 5 stars ***** there - real stars. Oh and as if being a mum and all-round amazing author isn't enough, Maddy has a fantastic blog - check it out for yourself. And just in case you were wondering, we haven't even ever met Maddy, so this is a geniunely impartial plug for something we think is great :)

'Becoming Dad' film resource is launched

A fantastic new film resource called 'Becoming Dad' was launched at an event on 7th October 2015. Young dads from Leicestershire were involved in a new project to tell us about their experiences of becoming dads.

Click here to find out more

We've created a brand new resource!

With our young parents forum, we've created a brand new book to offer support, information and reassurance for young people when they become a parent. Called 'So You're a Parent... What Next?', this is a resource that's close to our hearts. When you're pregnant you get lots of information to take in and process; it's often a really exciting time because you've got a little being growing inside you and you can't wait for them to be born so you can meet your baby and be a mum or dad and it's going to be amazing.

Then the baby is born and boy, is there a lot of stuff that you'd not thought about / prepared for / been told about! We've thought about things that were important to us and created a resource that includes (very!) frank conversations between forum members, together with some top tips, information and sources of further support. The resource will be included in our baby boxes, but if you'd like a copy get in touch.

So, You're a Parent, What Next?

What's included?

Our resource has 13 sections:

Baby Brain (or 'mumnesia')

Body Image



Children are Messy!

Friendships after Birth


Me Time?!

New Relationshipsmumnesia

'Old' Relationships

Returning to Work or Learning



Here's a sneaky peek of what's inside...

mumnesia - does it exist?our top tips for a tip top brain


Becoming a parent in Leicestershire & Rutland

A new leaflet has been produced for parents-to-be in Leicestershire and Rutland, offering support and advice about becoming a parent and giving details of professionals and programmes that can offer you help. Click here for a copy.