Children are interested in ‘where babies come from’ and what makes boys and girls different from a very young age. So don’t worry – it is natural for children to be curious and ask these questions.

Children take in the information around them about sex and relationships from a very young age even if no-one talks to them about it. Many of the things they pick up are incorrect and confusing. For this reason it is important that parents and carers answer their children’s questions to help them make sense of it all.

They need and want their family to help them to sort out fact from fiction, to understand what is happening to their bodies as they grow older and to talk about their feelings and their relationships. Remember that the earlier you start talking, the easier it will be to tackle some of the more difficult subjects as they grow up.

Sex and pregnancy can be tricky topics to raise with your children.  Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership have developed an advice leaflet which hopefully offers some helpful hints and tips for these conversations no matter what age your children

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