This section of the website is aimed at professionals in Leicestershire supporting pregnant teenagers or young parents. Some of the information will be helpful to professionals from other areas. If you are a young mum or dad, are expecting a baby or are a family member, the rest of the site contains the information that we think you'll find the most useful.

Teenage Pregnancy Professional Support

A well-informed, trained and confident workforce is important to make sure young people have appropriate guidance to make positive, informed choices about their relationships and sexual health and that those young people who choose to become parents are supported effectively towards the best possible outcomes for themselves and their children.

Teenagers with Babies Action Groups

We have Teenagers with Babies Action Groups (TBAGs) in place in each district of the County. These meetings bring together workers from a range of partner agencies to work together to develop support pathways for young parents (to-be).

We recognise that no single agency is able to provide all of the answers, but by working together, we can offer a joined up approach to achieving better outcomes for young families. Young people consent for their information to be brought to a TBAG meeting and workers will discuss and agree which one is the best placed to lead on helping the young person in a particular area. We can help with problems such as housing, parenting, financial issues, post natal illnesss and many more. This partnership approach has been, and continues to be, a good way of understanding the needs of young parents (to-be) in Leicestershire and helping them in the best way that we can.

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